Rapid Images presents LFT


Our great sponsor Rapid Images presents LFT on his Pocket Operators!

Linus “lft” Åkesson, mad engineer, musician and gentleman coder, takes his Pocket Operators for a spin.

Linus became widely known in 2010 for a series of youtube videos featuring the Chipophone, a homemade chiptune organ, although his enamoration with various forms of chipmusic goes all the way back to childhood. Raised on Paula, Agnus and Denise, lft nevertheless heard the beckon of the Breadbin in 2012, and is today primarily active on the C64 scene. He was the lead software developer for the second generation of Pocket Operators, a range of handheld synthesisers and sequencers produced by the Swedish company Teenage Engineering.

Expect exquisite arpeggios, improvised drive-noise beats and soaring chiptune melodies played live on grids of tiny pushbuttons.

Photo by Dezert.

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