New Visitors from the Waiting List


Sadly a bunch of people have let us know that they can’t make it to DATASTORM.

People have written to us in many different ways to let us know that they want to be put on the suspected waiting list. We have done our very best to be fair. So without further ado, the declined tickets have been replaced with the following fine chaps:
Amiga Junglism, Magnar, Swallow, Ekoli, fluBBa, X-Jammer, Bacchus, Origo, Killsquad, Oxidy, Yelm, Ron/Sos, Mantronix, Morpheus, Olle, Ughadunk, Cruzer, Mason, B, Ole, Stein, Skurk, HCL, Pernod, Dlx, LA-Style, Slaygon and Daemon.
No, renaming yourself to “and” will not work – Sixx is smarter than that (we think).
Welcome to DATASTORM.

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