DJ Set with Magnar


Magnar will perform his special demo-scene DJ set containing modern remixes of his C64 SID songs from many popular demo releases.

About Magnar:
His first songs was releases in the mid 80s by Norwegian Megastyle (MSI). In the early 90s, Magnar composed several songs for Amiga releases by Offence, Andromeda, Spaceballs, Lemon. and The Black Lotus. After years of hibernation since the mid 90s, he showed up in the Swedish demo-scene with music to Fairlight’s X’2010 ”We are New”. Since 2012, he has made music to several demo releases by Censor Design such as Wonderland 12 and 13, Comaland and many others.
Magnar is very experimental and influenced by many different music styles. But you can expect the DJ set will have strong elements from dance/club music mixed with loud Euro-Pop synth melodies.

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