Your C64 is about, or more than, 30 years old these days, and if you want it to live for many years to come, you should really invest in a re-cap on your C64, or in a saver for your PSU.

We are happy to have invited Retro Tech ( to Datastorm, and Krister Andersson will sell you re-cap kits for your specific needs (the motherboard revisions are different, so make sure you know what version you’ve got) if you want to solder yourself, and for some more cash he will do it for you – think of it! A pro re-cap of your beloved computer on the fly at the party!

He also has some PSU savers – a device you connect between your computer and the PSU. It will cut the power and save your C64 if the PSU decides to die and take the C64 with it (a common problem these days with the old PSU:s).

Feel free to ask Krister about repairs, and other stuff too. Retro Tech will be there to save the day, and your C64.

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